The Best-of Series: Luxury Pop-up Shops

It’s safe to say that in the pop-up shop world, 2018 was an exciting and invigorating year filled with brands large and small, mainstream and luxury, hopping on the ‘pop-up train’, arriving at success station!

It’s safe to say that in the pop-up shop world, 2018 was an exciting and invigorating year filled with brands large and small, mainstream and luxury, hopping on the ‘pop-up train’, arriving at success station!

Whether aimed towards an increase in brand awareness, introduction of a new line, generating excitement and buzz, or increasing sales, these pop-up shops made our ‘Best of 2018’ list based on their diverse locations worldwide, their interesting shop branding and setup, unique product offering and exciting consumer engagement tactics! Without further adieu, we present the best of the best (luxury that is) pop-up shops.


Luxury clothing & accessories

Goal: Introduce new and exclusive lines

Location: Capri, Italy

When: July – October 2018

Famous French luxury fashion house Chanel was soaking up the Italian sun on the island of Capri this summer, popping up on Via Camerelle. They remained open through October capturing tourists with their select offering of pieces from the Métier d’Art Paris-Hamburg 2017-2018 collection and the new Coco Beach line.


Luxury clothing

Goal: Brand Awareness

Location: East Hampton, USA

When: Summer 2018

From West Coast Malibu vibes to East Coast Montauk lifestyle, sustainable Californian ‘cool girl’ brand went coast to coast again this summer bringing their signature bright and striped sundresses to the Eastern elite, vacationing in the Hamptons. Their exciting pop-up location is uniquely called ‘The Beach House’ having hosted events and displays to help their target market relax, engage, and connect with the brand.

L’Occitane en Provence

Luxury body, face, fragrances and home products

Goal: Brand Awareness, Unique experience

Location: Washington DC to Los Angeles, USA

When: July – October 2018

This French skin care and home fragrance brand is known for their use of natural French Provincial herbs, oils and fruits such as lavender and lemon. Their fresh brand is now branching from the French countryside to the interstate highways of the US, in a travelling pop-up shop. The brand drove their L’Occi-truck cross country spreading the joie-de-vivre of their products to cities big and small. Their fresh take on a pop-up-on-the-go made for easy setup and take down, as well as making their brand accessible and visible all over the country.

Louis Vuitton

Luxury clothing & accessories

Goal: Maintain sales, Release new line

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

When: Autumn/Winter 2018

In one of Asia’s shopping capitals the Louis Vuitton flagship store closed in 2018 for renovations, but knowing their target market the way the French fashion house does, they knew the couldn’t keep their Autumn 2018 men’s line from the people. With this, they popped up a unique and exclusive pop-up shop dedicated to the new Spring men’s line to maintain their loyalty to their Bangkok shoppers.


Luxury department store brand

Goal: Charity

Location: London, UK

When: Spring 2018

This unique pop-up is unlike any other in our list. Luxury British department store Harrods, has paired with their charity partner the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children to open a pop-up shop called ‘ Fashion Re-told’. This shop is stocked with clothing donated from current Harrods employees and customers as well as new pieces donated from luxury brands. The combination of vintage and current season items draw a special consumer audience to its doors, with all proceeds being donated to the NSPCC. They created a photo-worthy environment in attempts to spread the word of its existence on social media and help to raise money through sales.


Luxury shoes

Goal: Brand Awareness

Location: New York City, USA

When: June 2018

Brazilian luxury shoe brand Schutz launched their first New York pop-up in June. Their shop was filled with engaging stations throughout helping consumers to interact with the brand in their high tech space. Using modern technological capabilities such as RFID mirrors, and a sneaker customization station for consumers to feel more connected with their purchase, this brand is capitalizing on the pop-up strategy to present themselves on the world stage, setting their brand personality out through products and space design.

Marli New York

Luxury jewellery

Goal: Increase sales

Location: Dubai, UAE

When: Winter/Spring 2018

This luxury New York jewellery house left the bitter February cold on the island of Manhattan and ventured to the other side of the world, to grace the tropical lavish shopping districts of luxurious and futuristic Dubai. With no shortage of extravagance, shopping, hotels, and endless amenities – Dubai proves to be the perfect spot for Western brands to launch unique pop-up shops, in a city where it’s always beach and shopping season. Marli’s edgy designs were dazzling and fitting in their temporary Spring 2018 location.

Christian Louboutin

Luxury shoes

Goal: Unique shopping experience

Location: Mykonos, Greece

When: Summer 2018

When you think Louboutin, everything goes red – literally. Well, the same goes for the interior of Christian Louboutin’s summer 2018 pop up shop in Mykonos. With an electric ‘party vibe’ the pop-up named ‘Loubie Beach’ situated itself alongside other major luxury brand pop-ups in Mykonos such as Gucci and Oscar de la Renta, creating a temporary Greek High Street for luxury consumers who flock to the lavish Greek islands each summer.

Pop-up shops are possible for any brand, large or small, luxury or mainstream, new or old. If you are interested in learning more about how to open a pop-up shop, or to look further at fellow brands who have made the move, check out for more information, and to browse thousands of spaces available worldwide.

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