A few months ago I wrote about my first steps with Vim. Now I can finally say: I am faster with Vim than I ever have been with RubyMine ๐ŸŽ‰ As soon as you get used to the Vim key bindings you demand them from every other program as well. In my mail program for example I try doing the most things with shortcuts now, too.

And recently I started using the Chrome Plugin Vimium. It makes surfing the web much more efficient if you are used to the Vim key bindings already.

The equivalent plugin for Firefox is VimFx.

Here are my top 3 Vimium features

J/K lets you go to the previous/next tab (Way easier to type compared to <Ctrl-Tab>/<Ctrl-Shift-Tab>).

fzf-like tab switcher

T gives you an fzf-like tab switcher. With <Ctrl-k> and <Ctrl-j> you can go up and down in the results (like in fzf). Similarly, o gives you an fzf-like menu for your history and bookmarks.

fast link opener

f/F gives you letters in overlays for every link of the page and opens the link in the same tab/new tab.

Vimium has even more features. So check it out :)

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Peter Gundel