Our Values

Values we stick to in the store2be tech team

Grow together and be supportive

We believe it is more fun to learn together as a team. Every one of us is constantly learning and trying out new technologies. We take the time to bring this knowledge together and share what we’ve learned in regular sessions. This does not only account for programming languages or libraries, but also for development tools and practices. We ask openly, criticize constructively, and accept criticism positively as good feedback is vital. store2be wants to provide a supportive and nurturing environment. We work together as a team and support each other as much as needed. This means looking out for our teammates and being ready to give a helping hand.

Be open and experiment

We are all tech enthusiasts. This means we get really excited about new frameworks, libraries and ideas. We keep each other updated about new things in the tech world and try out new technologies together. At the same time we know that it is important to balance stable and new software, so we only use new technology in production apps where it makes sense after a diligent assessment.

Strive for quality

We love high-quality code. For us, this means elegant, tested and documented code. It is important to have this in mind from the beginning: design your code to be tested, or test it before you design it. We think that code ownership happens at a team level, so we review code as carefully as we write it. We know that there will always be old code because things change over time, and so we always look for opportunities to improve the codebase and apply the boy scout rule.

Perfect the workflow

We love problem solving. For us, this is about reliably mapping and digitizing processes. In order to focus on problem solving, we make sure everything that’s necessary works as seamlessly as possible. That’s why we rely heavily on tools to help us with the easy parts: linters, formatters, compilers, tests and more; both locally and on CI. We strive towards automation as much as possible. Perfecting the workflow also happens on an individual basis. Each one of us is responsible for improving the way we work as a team and individually.

Have fun at work!

We love being happy during work. There will always be stressful moments, but nothing should get in the way of keeping the environment fun and friendly. We understand that creating a fun environment requires real effort and great communication, but we believe that the rewards are worth it. Having fun also means that there are different opinions: pineapple can be on pizza, all dogs are good dogs, cat pictures are good - space cats even more so …

As a final note: embrace your passion at work!