Our Stack

These are the programming languages, libraries, frameworks and tools we work with


The frontend of most of our web apps is written in Javascript. We are using more and more Typescript to reduce bugs. The libraries React, Redux and Redux-Saga are helping us to creating these web apps.

For learning React, we have no special (free) resource to recommend. A search engine can be of help here. Wes Bos provides an awesome free Redux course. He also has a paid React course. In order to learn Redux-Saga, the docs of Redux-Saga are a really good starting point. Knowing Redux already might be of help before reading the Redux-Saga docs.


Most of our backend is written in Ruby and uses Ruby on Rails. To get a first impression of Ruby, Try Ruby should be your first stop. Other than that, CodeCademy provides a free Ruby course to help you getting started. For Ruby on Rails we recommend the Rails book.


Recently, we’ve been using a little bit of Rust in the backend. We wrote a small PDF generation service called pape-rs with it. The Rust Book can provide you with the first steps in Rust.

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