Boost your sales this Christmas: How to become an omnichannel retailer with festive pop-up shops

The countdown has started, going omnichannel this Christmas is the best way to max your sales.

The countdown has started, going omnichannel this Christmas is the best way to max your sales.

Aah, Christmas!

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

For most people, we’re about eight weeks away from the most special time of the year. But, In retail, as we all know, we may as well start warming up our vocal cords and preparing to outsing Mariah. The time to start prepping for an unforgettable Christmas is now.

Towns and cities worldwide are preparing to host much-loved, bustling Christmas Markets. High streets are set to be packed with festive shoppers. The best way for brands to cut through the noise and maximize sales is to shake things up by going omnichannel.

Not sure how? Not to worry. Let’s start from the top.

Christmas in retail land!

To state the obvious, Christmas drives sales.

The Bank of England predicts that households will fork out an extra 29% during December. And the National Retail Federation revealed that American consumers spend $1000 each when Christmas shopping. Shoppers across the globe are preparing to start hunting for the best brands to spend their money with this Christmas. But some brands won’t take the right steps to meet their customers where they’re headed: the high street!

As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. Online sales are set to soar this Christmas as over half of shoppers will do at least some of their buying from the comfort of their own homes. A great online strategy, and throwing in a few festive-themed offers, will definitely help merchants see a lift in sales. But, is that enough?

Consider this for a moment. A consumer study by First Insight indicated that shoppers prefer spending more in-store than online. The report also states that up to 89% of shoppers claim to add extra items to their cart when spending money at a physical location. The snazzy web pages can't compete with good old-fashioned impulse buying.

Now, assuming you don’t already operate from a physical location throughout the year, you might feel a touch of FOMO. Especially with impulse buying amongst Americans surging throughout December.

There isn’t a better time of the year than this to go the extra mile and launch your brand’s physical Pop-Up Shop. Your existing customers will enjoy a chance to deepen their connection with your business. And going physical throughout December will attract new customers who are out and looking for unique and new experiences.

Even though it might be your first time, Christmas pop-ups have been helping brands make an end-of-year impact since the late 90s. Let’s take a look at a few notable examples.

Quality Street, teamed up with John Lewis in 2019 to launch a tuck-shop-style pop-up. They allowed shoppers to pick their favorite festive treats and get their hands on their newly launched ‘Crispy Truffle Bite’.

And when you thought things couldn’t any sweeter, how about the Choose Love Pop-Up Shop? In 2021, the refugee focussed charity arrived on Carnaby Street, London. The brand allows Christmas shoppers to buy and donate gifts to those who need them most around the world.

Tis’ the season, right?

Why should I host a Christmas Pop-Up Shop?

There are countless reasons to try out a Pop-Up Shop at any time of the year. But the incentives to set something up for Christmas are irresistibly compelling.

According to Business Insider, of 600 retailers surveyed, a whopping 80% of them described the experience of running a Pop-Up Shop as a success. But if, "everyone else is doing it", isn’t motivating enough for you, here are three reasons why crafting an omnichannel experience is a must.

Create a branded shopping experience and watch your social media engagement soar. A memorable day for your customers will reap the rewards for months to come, especially if your aesthetic is well-considered.

Move-in, and test out some new locations. Dreamt of a permanent store in NYC? Curious to know if the people of Berlin will love what you sell? There’s no better way to test out different locations with minimal risk.

Freedom to buy! Shoppers are spoiled by an ever-increasing number of touchpoints. Your customers expect to be able to choose how, when, and where they explore your brand. Going physical for a limited time allows you to meet and exceed your customer's expectations.

How do I launch a Pop-Up Shop this Christmas?

Launching a Pop-Up Shop can be pretty simple once you get the hang of it, but it will take a little bit of planning and preparation to get it right.

First, focus on what you’d like to sell. You don’t have to stick to the same old strategy. The newness of your physical location will naturally extend its charm to the rest of your brand. Do you have products to sell that appeal to the senses? Or smaller, pocket-sized items that are easily ignored in a drop-down menu? Now’s the time to try something new.

Next, set a budget, and don’t forget about the extras. Renting the space is the easy part. Whilst spaces can be cost-effective, it’s worth considering everything you’ll need to get in and get out. You’ll want to consider travel, furniture, staffing costs, and any other standard business expenses.

Finally, it’s time to pick the perfect location for your Christmas Pop-Up Shop. Depending on where you’d like to set up, and the types of customers you’d like to attract, there are a few things worth considering when selecting a location.

Good foot traffic shouldn’t be too difficult to find over the Christmas period. One way to ensure this could be to look for available space at a Christmas Market. Or drive your own traffic with a festival promotion, it’s certain to go down a treat.

Try a shop-in-shop concept if you’re sticking to a lower budget, buddy up with a local retailer. This is a popular option and a great idea for brands who want to experiment this Christmas.

Create a memorable brand experience and convert curious shoppers into loyal customers. Take some time to consider how you can speak to the senses and emotions of anybody who visits your store. Add a touch of your personality to your brand with a Pop-Up Shop this Christmas, drive organic sales and leave a lasting impression on thousands of shoppers.

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