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  • Finally switching to vim


    This article is just a selection of things I found helpful when switching to vim. So when someone asks for help because he or she wants to switch to vim, I just pass him or her the link to this article. Some of the links in this article also describe why you should switch to vim. So I won’t get into this here.

  • Git rich or die tryin' 01: Ideas from our Git setups

    CLI Git Alias

    This post is part of a series about our Git setups. In this series we will focus on the Git aliases we use the most, particularly the ones we find interesting (i.e., not c = commit) and that have increased our productivity using Git.

  • Introduction to Metabase

    Metabase BI PostgreSQL

    When you start a company, setting up a business intelligence (BI) solution is not the first thing most founding teams implement, I guess. Now that I’m past the step of implementing such a solution, I think it is something that should be implemented in the very early days to build a culture of measuring everything.

  • Kubernetes: Redirect HTTP to HTTPS with ELB and the nginx ingress controller

    AWS Kubernetes ELB SSL

    TL;DR Read the last paragraph for the most recent way of implementing HTTPS with an nginx ingress controller while letting ELB handle the certificates.

  • Multi AZ Kubernetes with kops in AWS regions with only 2 AZ

    AWS Kubernetes kops

    At the moment we are setting up Kubernetes at store2be. We are a company from Germany and most of our business is taking place in Germany. Therefore, we want our AWS servers to be in Frankfurt.

  • Installing the hub CLI on Linux

    CLI Linux Hub

    Hub is a command line tool to interact with the Github-specific features of a repository, one of them being pull requests. We use it extensively at store2be and it is the natural way to create PRs for us. It has a Homebrew package for OS X users, so it’s completely straightforward there, but it is not packaged even for the most popular Linux distributions.

  • Jekyll setup

    This is where the store2be tech page started …